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E. A. Zerhouni, National Institute of Health. Department of Health and Human Service National Library of Medicine: 14. Corrections Country report Finland In Table 8 on page 29, the situation has changed since when the data for the report was gathered There are in May 2007 a total of 13 online OA journals published in Finland and of them 11 are peer reviewed. Below a list of the journals: ? Peer review journals included in the report ? Annales Academie Scientiarum Fennicae Mathematica ? Elore ? Human Technology ? Mirator ? Silva Fennica ? SKY Journal of linguistics ? Included in Ulrich's directory of periodicals after Febr, Access to Biomedical Research Information Journal of Networks ? Journal of Software ? Not classified as peer review journals ? Electronic journal of business ethics and organization studies ? Nordic Road and Transport Research Thank you We would like to thank the following persons who have supplied us with information, 2004.