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, The full listing in the sketchbook is 'den 16 junius is bij mijn gekomen Ariaen Verd

A. , It is unlikely that Verdoel trained with Rembrandt before his training at De Wet. Verdoel grew up in Schiedam, and could have had his basic training in the nearby city of Delft, perhaps at Bramer. There are no sources to confirm this, Houbraken wrote that Adriaen Verdoel was trained by Rembrandt, vol.3, p.57, 1718.

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, Verdoel's oeuvre is quite problematic, because the signed and dated paintings point to at least two painters active with the same name, The paintings dating between 1690 and 1700 are therefore identified as by Adriaen Verdoel

, The date might have been mistakenly read as 1652. However, a genre painting with dancing people in old-fashioned clothing, signed and dated 'Adria Verdoel 1643', differs completely in character, subject and style from the works of either, see illustration in S. Rosenthal, On reflection, the painting Peasants drinking in an interior, signed and dated 'A, vol.17, p.250, 1929.

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, The total amount of paintings differs here from Jager 2015 (note 64) after a recount for Jager, 2016.

, This number amounts to thirty paintings if we include Berckheyde and Potter, who are both represented with one painting in Doeck's shop

, The listing in the sketchbook is '3 julius is by myn te schilderen ghekomen Pieter Wiggerts voor de soma van 60 gulde jaers int jaer 1656, p.217

P. Wiggersz, was registered in the workshop of Jacob de Wet on 3 July 1656 and registered as member to the Haarlem Lutheran Church one month later

N. Haarlem and D. , Wiggersz. intended marriage contract in 1664 states an address on the Amsterdam Breestraat, which was just a few minutes away from Doeck's shop, vol.511, pp.1656-1664

S. Amsterdam and D. , It is therefore possible that these paintings entered Doeck's shop through direct contact with the painter instead of through De Wet's business. Wiggersz. came from Gda?sk, as Doeck's parents. For the full biography of Pieter Wiggersz, vol.69, pp.373-374

, Barend Jansz. Slordt (ca. 1625-na 1690), 'galey-schilder' uit Schermerhorn, Oud Holland, vol.127, pp.223-233, 2014.

, The inventory of Doeck's paintings mentions an attic, and lists most of the paintings here

, However, this inventory was written by different hands on different days and is inconsistent in the amount of detail and information given. The attic is one of the rare rooms mentioned

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, Noch een stuck van Uropa gemaeckt voor menheer Van der Stel daeraen verdient de soma van 100 gulden') suggests that it was painted on commission, which would justify its higher price compared to works painted for the studio's stock-in-trade (potentially by assistants). Van der Stel also purchased some smaller works at a lower price: 'een stuckie' depicting Christ's dispute with the doctors in the temple for thirty guilders and 'een brantie en een lantschapie' for fifty guilders, The exact listing of the costly Europa made for Van der Stel, p.219

, 78 'den 6 maert Ao 1657 aen Barent Jans ter heggere verkoft [?.] noch een stuck van mijn soon van 8-0-0, pp.53-999002

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