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The free Nordic Arts and Humanities and Social Sciences Open Access fulltext repository

hprints is an Open Access repository for scholarly manuscripts from the Arts and Humanities and Social Sciences openly available to the widest possible academic audience.

hprints is a tool for researchers to share their scholarly documents. Scholars can upload full-text research material such as articles, papers, conference papers, book chapters etc. The content of the posted material should be comparable to that of a scientific paper that a scholar could submit for publication e.g. in a peer-reviewed academic journal.

For scholars is an opportunity to gain longstanding visibility. Firstly, it is possible to search and find the paper through e.g. Google or Secondly, all submitted papers are preserved permanently and receive a stable URL and a unique ID.

When uploading material it is mandatory to give proper acknowledgements to e.g. the journals or publishers if the material is published elsewhere: It is the author's responsibility that publisher's policy and copyright laws are not violated when uploading a document. is a collaboration between Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) and a consortium of Nordic university libraries and orginially funded by Nordbib, under NordForsk, the Nordic Council of Ministers.

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